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Rescue Walkway Inflatable Stretcher
Decontamination Unit
Rescue Walkway Inflatable Stretcher Decontamination Unit

Rescue Walkway

Our inflatable Rescue Walkway is in the shape of a catamaran and has been developed to offer rescue teams a safe, stable work platform on water, wetlands or ice.

The improved design assures a superb stability under all circumstances and can be used either as a raft or a work platform. The airtrack is easily and rapidly unrolled, inflated or emptied.

When packed the track can easily be stored and transported.The airtracks are available in two lengths 5m and 10m. Other lengths upon request.

Rescue Walkway
Rescue Walkway Technical Data
Type Code Length Width  Height



Safety Valve



Weight Dimensions Folded
Units   m m m BAR BAR L kg m
5m (inflated) 520018 5 1.37 0.2 0.5 0.5 +/- 10% 1600 27 1.15 x 0.45 x 0.35
10m (inflated) 520019 10 1.37 0.2 0.5 0.5 +/- 10% 3200 55 1.15 x 0.65 x 0.50




Inflatable Walkway Rescue


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Inflatable Stretcher

Our inflatable stretcher is designed for use in all conditions and provides total safety and protection of the wounded during a rescue action on shore, in the water or air.

The compact design enables simple loading in a vehicle, a boat, a helicopter or a plane. The stretcher is made from an airtight impregnated nylon fabric of high wear resistance.

It is equipped with an inlet valve, safety valve, inflatable mattress, waterproof and zipper cover, rapid deployable tie-down straps, foot loops, adjustable head and neck support, lateral handles, lifting rings for the helicopter, pulling handles and a repair kit.

The stretcher is inflated with a hand pump and ready for use in only three minutes


Inflatable Stretcher
Inflatable Stretcher Technical Data
Model Code Length Width Height



Weight Dimensions Folded Package Dimension
Units   m m m BAR kg m m
Inflatable Stretchers 524533 2.4 0.70 0.37 0.3 15 0.80 x 0.58 x 0.22 0.82 x 0.60 x 0.31

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Decontamination Unit

Inflatable decon shower units are used for emergency decontamination in cases of exposure to hazardous waste materials, chemical spills, as well as chemical and biological WMDs.

Therefore, it should be standard equipment for hazmat response teams.

Our decon units are produced in three different versions:

• DE22 Decon unit with pre-rinse external pool
• DE22S Decon unit without external pool
• DE22D Dual decon unit

All three types are designed to be integrated with Our inflatable shelter Type 22. Other sizes and configurations are

available upon request.


 Decontamination Unit
• rapid assembly
• requires only one person to deploy
• it can be easily repaired
• removable/replaceable bottom
• removable/replaceable shower curtain
• all materials are fire resistant
• compatible with Our inflatable shelters
• customer’s logo can be added upon request
• continuous decontamination: one person after another
• contamination of the environment through the basin or shower curtain is not possible
• built-in safety valve prevents damage to support structure
• made of heavy duty material
• all materials used are fire resistant
• inflatable support structure remains stable up to 48 hours
• inflatable support structure with pressure relief valve, quick inflation valve and quick deflation valve
• removable bottom
• removable top cover
• entrance and exit doors
• customer’s logo at entrance
door, inside decon chamber, exit

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