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Winsaw Windscreen Cutting Tool Seat Belt Cutter
Win-Saw Seat Belt Cutter


The Win-Saw is a cost effective compact and robustly constructed hand rescue tool, having one blade to provide windscreen and general purpose cutting.

The Win-Saw can cut a total glass windscreen removal in less than a minute!

The Win-Saw tool body is made from steel tube having top and bottom handles, one of which incorporates a hardened solid impact punch for penetration of toughened glass, or body shell to facilitate cutting entry, and has no loose parts.

The Win-Saw blade can be folded back against the tool body when not in use, providing safe handling, blade protection, and compactness to minimise storage space.

Winsaw Windscreen Cutting Tool
  • Versatile
    Cuts windscreens, fibreglass, wood and plaster.
  • Safe
    Operationally friendly to entrapped victims and user
  • Effective
    Reduces rescue time
  • Fast
    No other manual tool can cut glass in faster time
  • Compact
    Light and easy for storage
Specifications :  
Folded length 30 mm
Open length 70 mm
Height over handles 253 mm
Engaged blade angle 20 degrees
Weight 1.25 kg
Max Push Force 30,650 lbs
Max Pull Force 14,400 lbs




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Seat Belt Cutter

Code: D3415

Readily accessible and potentially life saving, the Seat Belt Cutter is used by Police, Fire and Ambulance services throughout the UK.

Designed specifically with speed and efficiency in mind, the Seat Belt Cutter is a very popular safety device that can be used to cut through seat belts, clothing and many other restraining materials allowing casualties to be freed quickly and efficiently in emergency situations.

The Seat Belt Cutter is a very valuable and welcome addition to any portable emergency kit.

 Seat Belt Cutter

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